Brook hits back after Khan’s personal attack

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THE RIVALRY between Sheffield’s Kell Brook and Amir Khan has developed a poisonous, personal edge.

Khan started the ball rolling in an interview a few days ago, when he boasted he had beaten up Brook while the pair were amateurs and that the unbeaten welterweight had never fought anybody of real stature.

Brook hit back through the medium of Twitter. He wrote: “Nice to see Queen Khan slating me once again to the media.

“Can’t wait to make him do that silly dance again #jellylegs.”

Khan, the former WBA and IBF light-welterweight champion, is preparing for a world title fight against Lamont Peterson and claims the Grenoside stylist is beneath him.

“Kell Brook?” Khan said in Fighthype. “I used to spar with that kid in the amateurs.

“I used to just take him apart. Honestly, they used to say to me: ‘You’re only allowed to use one hand against him,’ because I used to beat him up that bad.

“The other hand was never up there (guarding the chin). I would only use my jab. I can’t believe out of the woodwork he comes out and says he wants to fight me and that he can beat me and I’m running scared. He’s been talking so much trash.

“My last five opponents would probably beat Brook. Brook has not fought anyone in the top 10. Everyone’s kind of believing that he’s such a good fighter if he’s calling out Amir. People don’t realise that a) the weight’s different and b) I don’t need him, he needs me. I’ve got nothing to gain from that fight.

“If I knock him out, they’ll say, ‘Oh, you were meant to knock him out.’ And there’s no title on the line, so what’s the point in me going to fight him?

“Tell him to win a proper world title and maybe I’ll give him a chance.”

Khan added: “Brook needs to fight a young guy, like I fought Marcos Maidana, I fight young guys. “Brook should fight Peterson because Peterson would beat Brook. Maidana would probably knock Kell Brook out.

“He wouldn’t beat a Zab Judah. This bum who they keep bigging up? Maybe they only put him next to my name so people talk about him. No one in America or Europe knows who he is. Maybe in Britain, maybe. Not even a lot of people in Britain know him.”