Brave Kell Brook beaten

The fighting pride of Sheffield Kell Brook lost his David and Goliath battle against Gennady Golovkin tonight.The courageous welterweight, who took on the destructive career middleweight at 160 pounds, was pummelled on the ropes in the fifth round.Trainer Dominic Ingle did the right thing and waved the towel to end the contest.A win would have required the performance of Brook's life.But he couldn't keep the Kazakh off him.His pressure was immense - but GGG said he wasn't a middleweight opponent.He said Brook had never hurt him.Undefeated IBF world champion Brook, aged 30, (36-0, 25 KO's) who had jumped up 13 pounds from his normal welterweight division looked desperate at the end.ROUND ONEBrook looked in trouble in the corner as he took some big shots.But he continued to trade with him and came back with some combinations.And landed two rights.ROUND TWOBrook traded punches in the middle of the ring with GGG and landed soe great shots.ROUND THREEBrook hit the canvas, a slip. GGG firing on all cylinders. Kell suffered a right eye injury, heavy bruisingROUND FOURGGG continued to stalk, a messy round but Brook landed qa decent upper cut and a left hook before the bell.ROUND FIVEGGGG pressing on the ropes Kell looked in trouble taking too many headshots.Dom Ingle flagging towel. It's over.
Brook and GGG: head to headBrook and GGG: head to head
Brook and GGG: head to head

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