Boyle 'will be waiting' for Ibbotson

BILLY BOYLE would like to lead the 'welcome home' committee when rival Sheffield boxer Jon Ibbotson returns from a training programme in America.

Last week, Manor Park's Ibbotson, who fights Doncaster's John Anthony in March for the British light heavyweight Masters title, said he wouldn't mind boxing Boyle.

"That would be no problem and it wouldn't be a tough fight for me" Ibbotson told The Star.

That apparent put-down has angered Stannington bruiser Boyle and his Sheffield Boxing Centre trainer Glyn Rhodes.

Rhodes said: "All of this is a bit rich, really. Ibbo priced himself out when a contest with Boyley which was suggested some time ago. I am prepared to offer Jon another deal to fight Billy, although.

"Ibbo might throw out the odd challenge. But like a lot of boxers he thinks he's better than he is so, again, he might price himself out of the job or come up with some other excuse. Everyone knows Boyley doesn't make excuses: he would fight any body, any time, any place.

"He's on my case now to get him the fight. So if Ibbo wants to get the fight on again it would a great spectacle for Sheffield."

Sheffield has a few mouth-watering potential 'derby' bouts. In yesterday's Star, Ingle boxer Noble threw down the gauntlet to unbeaten Sheffield middleweight Liam Cameron. While there is the hope that the city's two heavyweight giants, David Howe and Richard Towers may put their friendship to one side and battle it out in the ring.

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