Boxing: The day Liam Cameron had to display Joe Calzaghe-style courage

Liam Cameron in demand after beating Tobias Webb
Liam Cameron in demand after beating Tobias Webb
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Liam Cameron says he was inspired by the memory of a brave Joe Calzaghe performance as he won his British title eliminator despite injury.

The Sheffield super middleweight broke his right hand in the first round of his ten-round victory over Tobias Webb, at Hillsborough Leisure Centre last weekend- but carried on outboxing his rival in a southpaw stance. “I’d hit Webb with a shot and was in agony straight away” said Cameron.

“I knew my power would drop after that. But Calzaghe came into my mind. He fought on with a broken hand, so I thought: ‘What’s the difference with me?’”

Calzaghe, the retired WBO champion had a history of hand problems, but famously stopped American Peter Manfredo in Cardiff in 2007 despite a fracture.

Cameron was determined the pain wouldn’t stop him achieving the aim of winning the title eliminator.

“When I got back in the changing room we took the wraps off my hand and it was scary how big the swelling had blown my hand up; I have never had so much pain as when I put it in some ice. I felt like collapsing. But I knew I had done a good job especially Webb admitted he’d underestimated me. He has been high up in the ratings for a while, now it is my turn.”

Cameron, 24, from Manor Park, has won six out of the last seven outings. He’d like the British or the Commonwealth title.

“Paul Smith has had the British title for a long time (won it 2009) but he’s got another shot at a world title (in February) so maybe he will vacate. As for the Commonwealth, Dennis Hobson (promoter) put a good offer on the table to (Nigerian) Isaac Ekpo, but they didn’t want to know. Maybe someone like Lee Markham, I don’t really know - but my hand will get better soon and I want to crack on.

“Dennis had warned me before the Webb fight that he’d rollock me if I didn’t do well - and he said he as proud of how I performance. I want to keep cracking on doing that.”

*Doncaster pair Luke Crowcroft and Jason Ball compete for the vacant Central Area middleweight title on February 28 at Doncaster Dome.