Boxing: Sheffield’s Kell Brook needs a serious challenge after walking through Frankie Gavin

Kell Brook stops Frankie Gavin
Kell Brook stops Frankie Gavin
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Poor old Frankie Gavin, could he have got this any more wrong?

The Birmingham southpaw had predicted Aston Villa would bring the FA Cup back to the Midlands and he’d beat Kell Brook, saying: “We can share the victory bus on the way home.”

Kell Brook v Frankie Gavin

Kell Brook v Frankie Gavin

It’s a wonder he hasn’t tipped Sepp Blatter to be next manager of Sheffield United.

The only Briton to have been crowned world amateur champion was comprehensively beaten in every round of the six it took to put to bed this mis-match of a challenge against Sheffield’s merciless IBF world welterweight champion.

In some respects it was a shame Gavin didn’t make a better fist of being Brook’s opponent on such a prestige Pay Per View platform.

But while it wasn’t worth twenty quid to watch Gavin, it was to observe the controlled, patient and ultimately combustive power of the Ingle powerhouse, who is so desperate to find an opponent who will bring an even better standard of performance out of him.

Kell Brook turns on the power

Kell Brook turns on the power

Brook hasn’t been really tested since he beat Shawn Porter to win the belt. History will regard Saturday night’s win at the 02 Arena - and his first defence against Jo Jo Dan in March as, effectively, easy contests.

But don’t blame that on Kell - his camp have been calling out Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao since he claimed the title in America last year.

His next fight, possibly on August 29 at Bramall Lane (where Blatter is not a likely attendee) has to be against a big name - for the sake of Brook’s sanity and the legitamacy of the sport. It is only right that British boxing fans see their superstar pit himself against any of the above names, or Keith Thurman, Marcos Maidana, Brandon Rios, Juan Manuel Marquez.

The fact is, despite the hype, Saturday’s win was so predictable, that Brook (despite all the competitive pre-match banter) found it hard to get his juices flowing.

A kiss for the champ from partner Lindsey Myers

A kiss for the champ from partner Lindsey Myers

“In the dressing room I told them my adrenaline was not running” he later admitted.

“But it was a big show and I had to go out and perform. All I want is the big fights now.”

Such was Brook’s dominance that TV commentators had begun to question why Brook hadn’t “gone up a few gears” in the fourth and fifth rounds to finish off a clearly inferior opponent.

But Brook is not just brawn, he’s now a mature, sportsman who knows when to be patient and when the time is right to go for the jugular.

Gavin, ranked No.4 by the IBF, boxed off the back foot from the start and was pursued round the ring in almost every second of each round, as the South Yorkshireman had forecast.

Fun time Frankie wasn’t having such a fun time in rounds three and four, with his tormentor unloading power shots as the challenger’s right eye began to swell up.

A heavy right cross stunned the beleaguered Gavin and Brook seized the moment, landing so many shots that referee Steve Gray stepped in to wave it off. Gavin had felt two big uppercuts and had no appetite to experience that any more.

Now it is all about finding the opponent to motivate a fighter who has outgrown so many of his contemporaries, both in muscle and ability.

“I can’t wait to be fighting a big name next. I’m looking to get out before September, there’s nothing wrong with my hands. I’m calling Eddie and saying I want my next fight asap” said Brook.

“I’m unbeaten, I’m ready to take on the world and I’m ready for the best out there now. I want to make a serious legacy.”

So, the stats now show that Brook has now topped all eight southpaws he has faced and beaten opponents from Birmingham.

In fact, he has beaten everybody they have put in front of him - now it is time to find somebody who can really get those juices flowing.