Boxing: Sheedy urges Jez and Adam to sort fight

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Sheffield boxer Sam Sheedy today added his weight to the clamour to see a “derby” duel between Jez Wilson and Adam Etches.

Sheedy, an unbeaten light middleweight, respects both boxers, who operate from rival camps in the city.



But he feels Etches (W10 L0) will only blossom if he takes on middleweight opponents with a proven track record - like Sheedy’s Sheffield Boxing Centre stablemate Wilson (W11 L1.)

Sheedy, while a fan of Etches, questions the quality of some of the overseas opponents he has taken on.

“Adam can clearly bang but to be fair, don’t know who he has been in with,” said Sheedy.

“I don’t know who half of them are. He has not boxed any local kids. I would love to see Adam fight Jez (Wilson) they should really get it on.

“It would be a great local fight and then people could say he has boxed somebody and then go from there.

“When I box better people - when I boxed Max Maxwell he barely landed a punch on me - I absolutely flourished in the ring, I looked great. The better fighters I box, the better I box. Maybe that’s the same for Adam.”

Sheedy believes Etches’ handlers want to protect his unbeaten record, as he gains experience and continues to sell impressive numbers of tickets.

Sheedy, speaking on video at, had warm words for world champion Jamie McDonnell, of Doncaster, and Sheffield’s title-hunting Kell Brook.

“Kell looks like a superstar. And I think people were expecting him to do it (win a world title) before Jamie.

“It is brilliant that Jamie has won the world title.

“Kell looks he’s going to get his, after a few mishaps with injuries. I can’t see him not winning the title.

“He is so elusive, he can adapt his style so fast. Punch from any angle.

“Jamie - look at his physique - his arms are so small, but he can bang. I remember sparring with him about four years ago.

“I am quite a bit bigger than him but you could feel his punches and he was wearing 16 ounce gloves.

“So he can bang and he is a good boxer.”