Boxing: Lewis Taylor prepared for ten-round ‘tear-up’ against Grant Cunningham at Magna

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Lewis Taylor has prepared for a 10-round “tear-up” during his English title challenge on Saturday.

The Dronfield middleweight said it would be an honour to wear the vacant belt if he overcomes Stafford’s Grant Cunningham at the Magna Centre. Taylor and Cunningham share one thing in common.

Lewis Taylor lands a punch on George Kandelaki - Photo by James Williamson

Lewis Taylor lands a punch on George Kandelaki - Photo by James Williamson

They both lost their unbeaten records in their previous outings.

But Taylor, 25, believes his greater experience over the championship rounds will help him succeed against a rival six years his elder.

Cunningham, whose nickname is Maximus is a hard-working puncher. But Taylor said: “I don’t think he has even done a 10 rounder before. [Cunningham got stopped after an accidental clash of head against Damon Jones, in February, in a planned 10-rounder.]

“I don’t think he knows what the score is with a 10 rounder. I have done quite a few now and a 12 rounder as well.

“I am more used to it. I am ready for it and that it’s going to be a bit of a tear-up.

“It’s going to be a high workrate fight so I think it is going to be a good fight all-round.”

Taylor sustained a minor nick over his right eye in his last sparring session, but he will be fine by the time the action starts in Rotherham.

Of his opponent, he said: “He looks a tough kid and looks as though he will come forward quite a bit.

“I am expecting it to be an entertaining fight for people watching because it is going to be non-stop.

“I am looking forward to it. We are both going to be fit kids and at some point in the fight I think it might be a bit of a war, but I have had that in my past few fights so I am ready for it.”

Taylor remains convinced he was wrongly declared the loser in Londonderry in May, against Eamonn O’Kane: “In my eyes, I didn’t really lose my last fight,” he said.

“But obviously, on paper, I did. He was ranked seventh in the world. People always go on about unbeaten records: To me it doesn’t mean anything; it never has done. I am fighting good kids and at some point you are going to lose.

“The best people have lost. We are going to give it a good go, we are both going to want it. We are both going in to win.”

Taylor said he was put into practice lessons learned in the points defeat to O’Kane in Northern Ireland.

“They thought it was going to be a walk-over, there, I was the underdog,” he said.

“He was a tough kid, he came forward, he gave everything like I did, I came on the bad end of the decision.

“From every fight there is something to learn and hopefully I have improved for this next fight.”