Boxing: Glyn Rhodes backs tough guy over style king Liam Cameron - LISTEN TO AUDIO CHAT

Bigger hitter: Jez Wilson  is heading for a triumph says Rhodes
Bigger hitter: Jez Wilson is heading for a triumph says Rhodes
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TRAINER Glyn Rhodes believes Jez Wilson can win the Central Area middleweight title on Saturday - but may have to KO his opponent to do it.

AUDIO: Listen to Glyn Rhodes in conversation with Bob Westerdale - CLICK HERE.

Rhodes acknowledges that Liam Cameron has the superior ringcraft, but feels Wilson is more seasoned scrapper and will have too much for the 21-year-old, at Don Valley stadium.

Asked to compare the two styles, in an audio interview on, the head of Sheffield Boxing Centre replied: “I would say Liam was the better boxer but Jez is the more weathered fighter. He’s 32 years of age and been in some tough fights.

“He was involved in fight of the year (Bury, September 2010) against Max Maxwell, who had just boxed for the British title, and he got draw there. He also got his jaw broke and generally is an all-round tougher fighter than Liam.”

Rhodes adde: “Liam is only a young kid, he is not weathered as Jez. The only time I have seen Liam in trenches was against Erick Ochieng, (defeat, Hillsborough, May 2011) and he lost his way.

“Jez has been in the trenches in a number of occasions. He has one loss (Farai Musiyiwa, Wigan, April 2010). That fight, he got his nose done, it was brutal, but I know can get in trenches.”

Rhodes says it will be Cameron’s responsibility to adapt to Wilson. “For Liam to beat Jez, he has to change what he does. If Liam does the same thing he did against Ochieng against Jez he will get beat.

“Jez will throw hard punches, bell to bell, and come forward. There are no new tactics, he is just going to do what he does.

“Liam can fight but would prefer to box, Jez prefers to fight. We hope Liam fancies a fight, because if he does it will make Jez’s life a lot easier.”

Rhodes said Wilson would be better suited to slugging it out rather than “chasing him all over the ring.”

The fight pitches Rhodes against Clinton Woods, who trains Cameron. Rhodes trained the former world champion in two stints.

“Having experience in the corner can turn a fight around” says Rhodes. “I have been training Jez all his career.

“It’s early days for Clinton and Liam. You have got to know kids personality, if you do you know whether to kick them up the backside or plead with them. Liam and Clinton are relatively new together.”

Asked who is most likely to record a KO Rhodes speculated: “Jez. Liam’s style is not crash bang wallop. He’s a classy boxer who won the ABAs and likes to jab.

“Whenever you get a boxer like Liam, it’s very rare you see guys knocking guys out explosively.

“While Jez walks in head down throwing bombs both hands and taking a few shots himself. If it goes the distance, there is a big chance Liam will win on points.

“If it ends early, I will go with our guy.”