Boxing: Giant Carl Spencer set for pro debut

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Boxing: News, reports and more.
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ANYBODY who has beaten Sheffield giant Richard Towers in the ring must have something special.

The 6ft 8ins heavyweight has a 100 per cent winning record in the professional ranks. But he became adrift in the amateur rankings when he took on Doncaster’s Carl Spencer.

That was a good few years ago and Towers has since been tipped for good things, by the likes of Ricky Hatton and other boxing luminaries.

Spencer, meanwhile, at the age of 26, has also decided to try his hand in the paid sector. And he makes his debut on a Dennis Hobson show at the Don Valley Stadium, tonight, tackling Rolandas Cesna, from Lithuania.

The promoter said: “Carl boxed for England in the amateurs and it was then he got the better of Richard.

“For a number of reasons he had time out of the sport but is now ready to turn professional.

“Carl is raw and has a lot to learn, but he has decent speed, a good jab and can whack,” Hobson added.

“He is a big lump like Richard so when his hammer right hand hits you you are going to feel it.”