Boxing: Fighter needed emergency treatment after KO

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A boxer had to be given oxygen after being knocked out in a Dave Coldwell show at iceSheffield, tonight.

Leeds’ Adil Anwar fell face first into the canvas in the second round of an International Masters welterweight title, against Rotherham’s Chad Gaynor.

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Anwar had looked comfortable and was counter-attacking well against Gaynor, who is unbeaten other than a bout in the Prizefighter format.

But the swift combination of a right hand followed by a left flush to the face sent Anwar down.

The referee immediately ended the match, and paramedics dived into the ring to clear his air-ways, bring him off the floor and give him an oxygen mask.

Anwar was told to take deep breaths. After a while he stook up but then went back into a kneeling position as hishead cleared.

Gaynor, 23, had looked to be in for a difficult night against a boxer three years his elder, with a won 20 (KO 7) lost 3 record - although the West Yorkshireman had lost two of his last three.

But his speed and accuracy shocked the crowd - and Anwar.

Sheffield’s Jerome Wilson (w8 L1) lost a brutal and compelling match against on Cameroon Olympian boxer Serge Ambomo, who recorded his third win under Glyn Rhodes’ stewardship.

Doncaster’s Maxi Hughes easily stopped stand in Sheffield super featherweight opponent Qas Hussein.

Louis Rutherford, from Rotherham bt Danny Brown of Essex.

Barnsley’s Ben Wager bt Kofi Yates of Manchester.

Debutant Lee Appleyard of Bramley bt Kristian Laight.

And hard-hitting Ryan Fields, of Belper, stopped Matt Seawright.

*Sheffield’s Kid Galahad fights Australian Fred Mundraby on Saturday at Ponds Forge, for the Commonwealth superbantamweight belt.