Boxing exclusive: Sheffield champion banned after positive drugs test

Liam Cameron dispenses with Nicky Jenman
Liam Cameron dispenses with Nicky Jenman
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Commonwealth champion Liam Cameron came out fighting today after being suspended over a 'cocaine-style' drugs test.

The Sheffield middleweight is determined to prove his innocence after a sample was red-flagged by testers, following his stoppage of Nicky Jenman at iceSheffield.

Cameron says he has been given the option of vacating his middleweight title after the test results - but has declined that.

"I have nothing to hide. There are even suggestions I might have taken cocaine" he said.

"That's rubbish, I've never taken anything like that in my life.

"I would rather be stripped of the title, go out on my shield, and then prove my innocence.

Liam Cameron and partner Tanya

Liam Cameron and partner Tanya

"Then I will come back and win it again."

Cameron, whose license has been suspended, believes a trip to the dentist before his first Commonwealth title defence, in April, is responsible for the test results.

"I had right bad toothache before the fight and was given a course of antibiotics" the boxer nicknamed 'Cannonball' told The Star.

"My body reacted to that by producing a very small amount of metabolic acid which seems the most likely cause of the test results.

Liam Cameron - happy before the test results

Liam Cameron - happy before the test results

"People will say what they want. But I am not that stupid to take cocaine or anything else a few days before a fight.

"I was at the pinnacle of my career, I had worked my backside off for nine years, and I knew full well I would be having a drug test after the Jenman fight. In fact, my own promoter Dennis Hobson paid £1,000 for the test.

"Why would I throw it all away?

"I believe in drug tests and will have the proof to show what happened, but a hearing could be a month or so away before I get that opportunity.

"I had got to number 12 in the world with the IBF, there is no way I would mess that up.

"I have been very down and depressed about this.

"I'm still gutted but hopefully the truth will come out and I will come back stronger from this."

Cameron, 27, won the Commonwealth title by defeating fellow Sheffielder Sam Sheedy, the then-holder, at Ponds Forge Arena last October.

Then he went on to defend the strap against Brighton's Jenman on April 27.

After that second round TKO, Hobson told the media that he hoped to take Cameron down the IBF route, all the way to a world title.