Boxing derby: Dronfield v Sheffield

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The Lewis Taylor v Jez Wilson local derby a week today will be a classic ‘boxer v brawler’ contest.

So believes the man on the boxer side of the equation, Dronfield’s Taylor.

“I think Jez is going to come forward, he is a fit kid strong and will try and take my head off” he said. “I have to make sure I am on my game, pick him off, and move around him. Boxer v brawler is a good way to describe it.”

The Dronfield, Derbyshire v Crosspool, Sheffield battle, for Taylor’s English middleweight belt, is scheduled for Rotherham’s Magna Centre.

Iron man Wilson has only fought once since April last year when he broke his jaw, while Taylor has had three fights this year. And Taylor thinks that will be an advantage: “I have got the rounds under my belt, my fitness should be quite a bit higher really. I’m used to doing those rounds and not having any ring rust, like hopefully he has! I think inactivity might play a bit of a role in it” said Taylor (W17 L1 D1.)

As for the age disparity, Taylor is 25, the Sheffield fireman 36, Taylor said: “It might be a factor (but) age isn’t everything, he has had the experience, training from a young age, he might not have had as many fights (Wilson record: W12 L2 D1) but he has improved a hell of a lot.

Taylor thinks his boxing skills will allow him to control the flow. “In distance and in range I think it will go my way. I am going to show everyone that I am that (championship) level and why I should be pushing for British and bigger belts now. I just want to make a statement.

“Hopefully Dennis (Hobson, promoter) can push me on to getting fights like the British title. I’d like to work my way up British belt it’s one that I have always wanted.”

Taylor secured the title in unfortunate circumstances against Stafford’s Grant Cunningham in the Summer.

A clash of heads meant the contest had to be stopped after five rounds - but he was judged to have been ahead at that stage and awarded the belt.

Lewis Taylor on the night he won the English championship

Lewis Taylor on the night he won the English championship

A red scar above his right eye continues to be visible.

“It has healed quite well to be fair, it’s just a nice little scar for everyone to see.”

He admitted there was always a chance it could open again - but cuts were a part of the game.