Boxing: Carl bids to hang on to title

Carl Wild, defending his title
Carl Wild, defending his title
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On paper, Walkley’s Carl Wild will lose his cherished Central Area title this weekend.

Boxing is not won on paper though. It’s won by firing leather backed by nerve, sinew and desire.

The light-heavyweight from Sheffield Boxing Centre has no intentions of giving up his title easily against Preston’s Matty Clarkson, whose slate reads at a much more impressive W9-L1-D2.

Wild’s unconventional career, at least by modern standards, sees him with 14 wins, 21 losses and five draws.

Winning and then defending the relatively modest Central Area title rank as his number one achievement out of the game.

“People will look at the fight and think I’m going to lose but winning is well within my capabilities,” said the boxing binman.

“I won the Central Area title at home and then went and defended it in John Anthony’s backyard and I know that I can do it again.

“I’ve had six weeks’ notice for this fight, I normally only ever get one or two so I’m in the best possible shape. There’s a big difference between mine and Matty’s record but I’ve seen and done more.”

Padded records are something that Wild is highly critical of. He maintains that he is in a better position now because of his experiences than he would have been had he not taken on the best.

“Prospects come into boxing and don’t want to fight anybody,” said the 27-year-old.

“I’ve learned the hard way through fighting the best like Kenny Anderson and Enzo Maccarinelli (who Wild lost to in April).

“I’ve got the same title aspirations as all the other kids in boxing; I’m just a bit more realistic. If you don’t take risks you won’t ever get anywhere.”

Wild is the heaviest of Glyn Rhodes’ four Central Area champions. Wayne Reed, Jez Wilson and Sam Sheedy also hold the belts in all three of the divisions below.

Also fighting at the Bowler’s Arena in Manchester will be Thrybergh welterweight Chad Gaynor.

Gaynor still has plenty left in the tank after sparking out Pole Sylwester Walczak at Ponds Forge a fortnight ago.