BOXING: Baby talk from 6ft 8in Towers

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BOXING giant Richard Towers admits he is sport’s only 6ft 8in baby.

After a limited amateur career and just 14 fights on his record at the age of 32, the Sheffield heavyweight has a lot to learn if he is going to protect his unbeaten record and grab a title. His last fight presented a steep learning curve.

His legs temporarily went after being clobbered by Frenchman Gregory Tony but, despite his vulnerability, he regained his composure to grind out a messy win. Towers hopes to learn from his mistakes that night.

“One of the things I learned was that if you get clipped on the back of your head things start to change. I was walking through the guy but then my legs wobbled and I wondered what was happening,” he said.

“My trainer, Dominic Ingle, said: ‘The kid’s hitting you on the back of the head. All you have to do is be smart like you are in the gym. Like you are when you are sparring Chisora, Fury, Sexton - they can’t touch you.’

“My opponent was playing dirty tricks. He is experienced and knew how to step outside the box. I’m a baby in the ring - as far as I knew, boxing was all Queensbury rules - you get a punch in the face and the body. But this guy wasn’t doing that.

“He was purposely hitting me on the back of the head - he had seen a chink in my armour and its something I had to fix.”

Towers has viewed a video of the fight six times, and says: “It’s painful to watch. I’m a lot better than I showed on that night. Little things I had been doing in the gym for 10 weeks I suddenly stopped.”

Asked if he thought the fight had been a step back, despite the fact he won the EBU-EU title, the Sheffielder replied: “That kid been fighting a few years longer than me but I know that I have to go back to basics now. I am not qualified to think outside the box like my opponent did. I am still learning, a 6ft 8ins baby. But I came out my last fight a better boxer.

“People think I am an idiot but I invite those people to say that and then box me.I won’t lie down and take it.

“The Ingles know I’m enthusiastic for any fight, David Haye, David Price, anybody.”