Boxer Josh aims to make a European statement in Sheffield show

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Josh Wale assesses the European boxing rankings - and likes what he sees.

There are a few ahead of him in the pecking order - but that just spurs him on more.

And after he has defended his British for a second time, he hopes to get amongst his peers.

Wale, who fights Bobby Jenkinson at Sheffield's Ponds Forge on February 2, has reached where he is the hard way in a 36-fight career.

"When I first set off as a professional everybody was buzzing about me. That was 11 years ago" he said.

"I've won my 'world title' with the British title but because I have done that, don't think I am stopping now.

Josh Wale

Josh Wale

"I am number four or five in the European rankings.

"And them above me are boxing for a world title. So I am knocking on the door."

Wale considers the Lonsdale belt his own. For keeps.

"If I do what I can nobody is taking it off me.

"But he (Jenkinson) will be in there and this is his world title like it was when it was mine when I won it.

"I have had all this heartache for all these years now I have had a taste of the good life I am not letting it go.

"It is going to take some boy to beat me."

Wale, who likes a tear-up, said the mixture of training and mentorship handed down from his father and Stefy Bull has "added more strings to my bow."

The Barnsley scrapper said he had relied on the finer subtleties of boxing when he won his British title, (last July) and because it was working, he was keeping with it.

"Obviously I am big and strong for the weight so I use that as well.

"But I'll keep it under wraps what I am going to do on the night."

Bull has mentioned the possibility of Wale fighting on the world scale.

And the boxer said: "Stefy is like a brother to me. Every promise he has made, he has delivered.

"So I am going to hold him to that!"