Biting boxer Kash Ali apologises to David Price and British fight fans

Kash Ali's savagery and complete loss of discipline in biting opponent David Price on Saturday left more than a bad taste in the mouth.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 7:49 pm
Updated Sunday, 31st March 2019, 10:47 pm
Biting on the canvas - a moment Ali will always regret
Biting on the canvas - a moment Ali will always regret

The Rotherham heavyweight, who was disqualified in round five at the Liverpool Arena, looks set to be fined and suspended from a sport he'd hoped to make proud of him.

And the chaotic scenes of boxing fans hurling beer at him and his phalanx of minders as he scurried out of the hall on Saturday, only brought further shame on boxing, which has been booming in the UK for some time.

Promoter Eddie Hearn tried to elevate spirits with a cheeky tweet: "Rule #1. Don’t bite a Scouser in Liverpool."

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Adam Etchells discusses the situation, right, with Kash Ali

But there are serious repetitions ahead for South Yorkshire boxer who, at least, apologised to Price and the boxing public as quickly as he could.

He'd looked more than up for the task, enjoying an enthusiastic entrance which included stepping over the ropes into the ring.

His jab to the body and threat of an overhand right threatened the home fighter. But Price is a skilled and schooled operator and rocked Ali with a right hand.

Ali, 27, wrestled Price, 35, to the ground to win some time to clear his head. But whatever was between his ears in those seconds did not include any common sense and he bit Price on the stomach.

He'd already nipped Price on the arm in an earlier round - which indicates it was more than a rush of blood to the head on one occasion. In fact, Tony Bellew, ringside, claimed Price had been bitten four times.

Referee Mark Lyson looked appalled by what he'd seen, disqualified Ali and then wanted nothing to do with him at the post-fight declarations.

Ali, probably the most hated man on Merseyside, at least has the presence to apologise. "It was out of order what happened" he told IFLTV. "I had to wrestle him down, stupid thing what I did. Ridiculous. There are no excuses for it.

"It is the first time I have boxed on a big stage - I was so pumped up. I was stupid.

"I apologise to all the fans that were supporting me and I am sorry that I let everyone down.

"It won't happen again.

"It was out of order and I apologise to him.

"I will be back and nothing stupid will happen like that again."

Ali, who will have lost his fee for the fight, now has to await his fate.

Trainer Adam Etches posted on twitter: “Very disappointing from @313ALI1 he let himself and his fans down, no place for that in boxing! Credit to @DavidPrice_1 for his sportsmanship, I can only apologise for his behaviour!”