Angry trainer hits back at criticism

Winners: Kell Brook and Dominic Ingle.'          Picture: Steve parkin
Winners: Kell Brook and Dominic Ingle.' Picture: Steve parkin
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KELL BROOK will be the fittest he has ever been in his life for next month’s world title eliminator - or he won’t be allowed to enter the ring.

So says trainer Dominic Ingle, who has been angered at suggestions Brook struggled in his last fight because of tactical rather than nutritional reasons.

The website ‘’ suggested Brook’s poor diet management wasn’t the reason why he struggled to beat Carson Jones in July.

“Brook’s performance, or lack thereof, may have been a case of him being unable to handle pressure and hard shots. Jones studied Brook’s previous fights and noted that most of the weak opposition his promoters had been feeding to him never really put any pressure on him” said the web pundit.

But Ingle, training Brook for the October 20 bout against Hector Saldivia, said: “Jones was the technically inept boxer, he neglected to utilise the most fundamental punch a boxer has, his jab. There is nothing technical about walking forward absorbing punishment and hoping the opponent will tire in order that you can deliver your own shots. That strategy was a gamble which didn’t pay off for Jones.

“A much better fighter would have pressured Kell made him miss and countered him while absorbing less punishment and giving more.”

Ingle added: “Issues during his preparation for that fight, which have now been addressed, made it obvious to all that it was stamina problem not a technical problem. The rapid loss of energy has now been pinpointed to inadequate rehydration and carbohydrate replenishment after the weigh-in.

“From the seventh Kell lacked the fuel to maintain his game plan which was to fight Jones in the middle of the ring, avoid close-quarter fighting and avoid being backed up to the ropes where Jones had more chance of connecting. A clearly-fading Brook still managed to avoid the onslaught by intermittently switching southpaw circling anti-clockwise around the ring and avoiding Jones’s Sunday punch, his right hand, while still managing to score with his own shots.”

Ingle said Brook won, despite “operating at 70 per cent” and added: “This time there can’t be any miscalculation. Kell will be either entering the ring in the best condition and highest fitness level of his career or he won’t enter the ring at all.”