A waste of talent - but Rhodes supports his man

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TRAINER Glyn Rhodes has spoken of the “upset” caused by star boxer John Fewkes’ decision to retire at 25.

The Sheffield welterweight decided to quit because he was not enjoying the dieting and general lifestyle needed to be a top pro. While it has distressed his long term mentor, Rhodes has backed the decision. “He’s thought about it for a long time and we had a good chat and both feel it was the right choice” said Rhodes.

“His heart was not in it any more so there was no point trying to talk him out of it.

“While I support him, for me it is really upsetting because Fewkey’s like family to me he’s been with me since he was a baby.

“Fewky’s been 100% loyal unlike some gym rats I’ve had come through my gym. He’s also one of the best kids to talk to in the corner and then go out and do what you just told him to do. Most people recognise he’s one of the smartest boxers around. He can read a fight great, also he was one of the biggest ticket sellers in this city.”

Fewkes lost just one of 21 fights.

Once, while training in the Top Rank gym at Las Vegas Floyd Mayweather Senior watched him sparring and said: “Oh man, he fights like a brother!”

Rhodes said Fewkes’ style had been influenced by training with Bomber Graham, Paul Jones, Clinton Woods and Naseem Hamed.