A tale of five boxing brothers

Pharys, left, and  Ramzy Nassa who have both turned professional
Pharys, left, and Ramzy Nassa who have both turned professional
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They are going to be known as the Boxing Brothers.

There’s two of them right now awaiting their professional debuts but, one day, there could be five of them!

Ramzy Nassa, 20, and younger brother Pharys, 19, from Sheffield, have just turned pro and have their first pro bouts at the city’s Octagon Centre on March 2.

Watching the two older brothers from back home in Broomhill are three more in the family with boxing aspirations.

They are Loua, 18, Hakeem, 17, and Raed, 16, who are following in the boxing footsteps albeit whilst completing their studies, at varying levels, at Tapton School.

“You know what the conversation is about in our house,” chuckled dad Ariff who first began coaching Ramzy and Pharys from the age of five before they went to St. Vincents ABC.

“I was a kick boxer but I didn’t want them to do that so got them into boxing,” he added.

“Obviously being so close in age they are pushing each other and, obviously, it’s a case of older ones pulling the other ones along as well because the younger ones want to emulate their older siblings.

“In fact, for ten years they have been in the back yard practicising against each other and, obviously, have learned off each other.

“You’ll get the older ones showing the younger ones - and it would have been ‘don’t do that, do this’.

Ramzy and Pharys trained at Sheffield Lane Top ABS as amateurs and it was from there that Ramzy went all the way through to the national final of the CYP competition which featured lots of talented young boxers from across the country.

“It’s obviously a big day to have two brothers making their pro debuts on the same bill and I can’t think it has ever happened in Sheffield before and, whilst there have been brothers who have boxed at the same time, maybe not had their first bouts at the same time,” said Ariff.

Ramzy is studying sports science at Sheffield Hallam Univerity whilst Pharys is a fellow student there in the first year of studying to be a quantity surveyor.

Interestingly, the pair - who will fight at bantamweight - have different styles and, in fact, all five brothers have different boxing styles.

They train with Keith Palmer at Firth Park and have signed up with Sheffield manager and promoter Dennis Hobson.