A ‘Special’ night ahead for confident Chad Gaynor

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WHEN you know you can hold your own against the Special One, three fights in one night should not pose too much of a problem.

Chad Gaynor, from Thrybergh, feels that he is the only one of the eight welterweight contenders heading into tomorrow’s Prizefighter that could even last a spar with Kell Brook.

Indeed Gaynor, aged 21, has done well over a 100 rounds sparring the world title challenger and is pleased that he’ll now get to burst onto the scene himself.

He told The Star: “The first thing the other fighters will have seen is a clip of me sparring with Kell on Youtube and that will let them know the level I can fight at.

“It’s the first port of call as soon as you find out who you’re fighting and I’m used to sparring with Kell now. Not one of them could even last a spar with him.

“Traditionally kids from our area haven’t always done great in Prizefighter but I know that I’m more than capable of winning it.”

Unbeaten Gaynor has stopped four out of nine so far, two of them were in the first round. He has been working on becoming even more explosive in the gym with trainer Jamie Kennedy because of the short format of the £32,000 tournament, which is being held in Wolverhampton.

A stoppage win along the way would also give him a break and those better rested tend to go on to win.

“Knowing my luck I’ll get the worst draw possible but I don’t mind that because I want the big names like Mark Thompson on my record,” said Gaynor. “It has proven that if you get someone out of there early doors and your opponent comes through three hard rounds then the advantage swings your way.

“That’s what I’ll be looking to do. I’ve got the knockout power but I’ve also got the quality too.”

Another Rotherham boxer, Neil Dawson, is set to face a re-match against Tony Conquest in March. Cruiserweight Dawson sparked out Conquest in December in a stunning first round upset.