A long, painful war awaits Curtis Woodhouse

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CURTIS Woodhouse has always returned from setbacks with a bang and he wants Friday to be no different.

The footballer turned light-welterweight, has suffered four defeats so far in his boxing career but has always come back with a greater determination and ended his next fight early. After being stopped for the first time last time out against the heavy-hitting Dale Miles, Woodhouse is hoping that he’ll be able to end his fight with Derby’s Dave Ryan early and become English champion in the process.

“I want to get the win, however it comes,” said Woodhouse. “Everybody knows I want to end fights early but this guy has never been stopped before and it’s going to be tough. I’m going to have to bite down on my gumshield and dig in but to be English champion will make it all worthwhile.”

Woodhouse has been juggling with the dual role of football manager at Sheffield FC and trying to get down to weight and draw up a game plan with trainer Glyn Rhodes. Still, Woodhouse believes he is in the best possible shape to win at Rotherham’s Magna Centre.

“Sheffield are a part-time club but being the manager is a full-time job and I’ve got things to deal with every day of the week but we’ve made a good start,” said Woodhouse. “It’s hard to do both but I enjoy it so it doesn’t feel like so much of a burden. Glyn and I have drawn up our plan of attack.

“It’s not going to be an all out war. I can’t afford to fight like that any more at this level but if he comes to fight it’ll be on my terms.

“You can’t fell a tree with one big hit so it’s just a case of chipping away. I’ll get him in the end.”