2,500 mile round trip for city fighters

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Two of Sheffield’s top prospects are moving out their comfort zone - to box in Bulgaria.

Adam Etches and Scott Jenkins travel to Vratsa, Bulgaria to box on November 16th on the undercard of Sergey Rabchenko’s defence of his European title.

Middleweight Etches meets Andrejs Loginovs (won 14 lost 30 drawn 1) while lightweight Jenkins goes after 46-year-old Rakhim Mingaleyev, (w27 lost 66 drawn 2) from Uzbekistan.

Etches said “I was surprised when (matchmaker) Richard Poxon rang me to say he’d got us both a fight on this show, I can’t wait. I haven’t boxed abroad yet as a pro and one thing Rich always talks about is getting as much experience as you can, and I see this as part of my learning curve”.

Jenkins added: “I thought Richard was kidding when he said we were on in 3 weeks. I can’t wait though.

“The show is live on Eurosport which goes out to about 70 European countries so it’s massive exposure for me and Adam to be able to box on it. I want to be European champion one day so this gives people over there a chance to see what I’m about”.

The pair have another date booked, a sell-out on December 19 at Sheffield’s Double Tree-Hilton.

“Boxing 3 times in 10 weeks is great and it’s no problem for us to be fit. Me and Scott don’t drink or smoke so we’re never far from being fully fit” added Etches.

The boxers’ popularity isn’t dented by competing away from home - there is already a party of 40 people who have booked to make the trip to Bulgaria.

“It will be like boxing at home” joked Jenkins.

The pair of have recently been the subject of being ‘called out’ by other local boxers.

Etches said: “It makes us laugh to be honest and it shows we must be doing something right. These kids now saying we should fight them have been offered fights in the past and turned them down. Now, as we’ve got more and more popular they’ve tried jumping on to the bandwagon. In fact the only time I see some of their names mentioned is when they’re talking about me or Scott, so it’s a compliment really.”

“We aren’t too bothered about what they say” adds Jenkins. “We know where we want to get to, and we’ll just keep doing our own thing. Me and Adam are getting a bigger following with every fight, we’re both undefeated and we’re fortunate to be in a position where we aren’t dependant on what everybody else is doing. Anyway, they say that ‘any press is good press’ so I like it!”