BLADES TALK - Marcus can lead us up the division

Working in football and presenting on Sky Sports News, I feel like all I seem to have talked about is the January transfer window for the last two weeks in and out of my working life.

I have to admit I've thought to myself if only Sheffield United had a bit more money. Just a few players would do us fine: Edin Dzeko and Steven Pienaar or maybe just Darren Bent!

Although I'm not convinced Darren's going to be as amazing as Aston Villa are hoping. Don't worry I haven't got my head in the clouds it'll be a while before we start attracting those sort of players. However it was nice to give the Blades a mention yesterday through the return of Marcus Bent.

From an outside perspective, and as fans, we just want our team to be strengthened just like any other club would.

However as I saw last week our manager is under a lot of pressure.

It is the month January which doesn't really help, you have to ask the question why are these players available half way through a season? The summer is where a manager like Micky Adams would be wanting to do the majority of his business. Adams is not just under the pressure of keeping us in the league but the pressure of having to buy even though the right player might not be available or at the right price.

I think we've made some decent signings and Adams has made some good choices.

I'm sure Mattock and Lowry will bring enthusiasm to the park with a willingness to learn which will hopefully lead them to grow substantially in ability.

Ok they don't come with the same pedigree as Gary Cahill but we saw how well that worked out for both parties.

However I'd like see some money spent on a more experienced midfielder to help them out. I've said it before and I'll say it again I really think we need a natural leader at the back. The absence of Chris Morgan is having such a detrimental effect. But there we go again, money talks and we can't do a lot of talking with our money.

So we go back to the dilemma of January transfer.

Any young and upcoming prospects from the lower leagues will be snapped up by teams with bigger budgets than ours. Very few teams will be willing to to let their regular consistent first team players go in January. So where does that leave United? Not much choice, really, but to gamble and take a risk.

I am a massive believer in risk taking. So going back to Marcus Bent; he's a good shout if he can rediscover some of the form that earned him a Premier League move away from us a decade ago.

It's been a while since he's played regular football though, but with Darius Henderson still struggling to get back to fitness we may have to rely on him to score us some goals - and sooner rather than later.

We have a talented midfield which can create him the chances so, fingers crossed, he'll prove his doubters wrong. Things are moving in the right direction now and hopefully that will start to represent itself in the table.

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