BLADES TALK - Man in the hot seat is a real fire fighter!

Before United's FA Cup loss to Aston Villa I had the pleasure of meeting boss Micky Adams at the Blades' training ground along with a couple of the lads.

It made me laugh when they all appeared for no apparent reason a minute after Ched Evans had walked past! I took a liking to Adams.

Being from Sheffield he was straight talking and genuine as they come. We had a natter the areas we're both from, the people that had influenced us, giving a few past PE teachers a bit of a battering. I mentioned it's pretty depressing the position the Blades are in the league and the football we're playing. It was refreshing to hear such honesty. 'I'm depressed too.' With Adams being a life-long Blade I wondered whether the emotion involved in managing a team you support is a positive or a negative? He said: 'You have to take all the emotion out. You get judged on results. Yes I want to win. But the fact is I'm a Unitedite, it adds a little bit extra to it.'

Adams made it clear that things had to change with the depleted Blades side especially after losing Richard Cresswell for at least a month. 'It goes without saying we need to strengthen.' He said there are a lot of youngsters in the squad that might not be there if there was a full complement of players. Interestingly, I sat in on a meeting regarding transfers with Adams and a football agent. It emphasised to me how much pressure there is in the January window and the many variables that need to be taken into account in buying a player. One that cropped up a lot was whether the said name was 'a good egg' in the dressing room.

He also spelt out: 'If you want to win a game, you've got to score goals, the strength of any team is attacking players. Defending starts from the front, everybody has a collective responsibility to defend.' How very true.

I asked him the crunch question: how is he going to avoid relegation? 'You have to be cold blooded in your decision-making. Don't listen to too many people. Just think about a philosophy to get out of the trouble we are in. Recruitment is important as well and assessing the squad as quickly as possible.'

I don't think for a second Adams is disillusioned by how much work there is to be done which, to me, shows he might be the right man for the job.

'We all have to roll our sleeves up" he said. "I wouldn't say I'm a street fighter but I'm certainly a fire fighter. I get the jobs other people don't necessarily want. That has been the story of my career.' After speaking to Adams for over half an hour I found myself really liking our new man in charge and agreeing with his ideals.

I have faith in his ability so here's hoping the Blades boss can fight the huge fire that is relegation.

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