Blades are lacking a spine around which to build a team

After the Bristol match United manager Bryan Robson said: "Some of the players aren't as good as I thought they were". I take it he has a degree in 'Stating The Obvious'.

Monday, 15th October 2007, 2:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2007, 10:12 am

The Blades are lacking a spine around which to build the body of the team.

Our goalkeeper has been poor the last couple of years, many a goal is down to him not commanding the area. Chris Morgan wouldn't stand out on any parks pitch on a Sunday morning and the defence is poor. They are the reason we are no longer in the top flight. Plus, we need a quality midfielder.

We may have umpteen strikers but we need to get some quality at the back.

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Robson should have known after spending the summer around the players that they aren't good enough.

He has also been quoted as saying 'it's not my squad, I inherited it'.

This is such a cop-out, spineless statement and questions whether he has the ability and hunger to get the Blades back on track.

It IS his squad and he needs to manage it, that is what he is paid to do.

He is not doing a convincing job and is doing little to show he has the appetite to get things going. Two months into the season and he is coming out with negative comments and trying to pass the buck.

Regen Mada, Ecclesall


Robson might have played for Manchester United and England but, his record as a manager hardly impresses. Why Kevin McCabe gave him the job heaven only knows.

If he inherited this team, who then bought Hendrie, Naysmith, Cahill and Beattie? Neil Warnock's ghost?

I'm not saying these players are no good because they are but, the Blades never have been a fancy football team and he won't get results trying to make them what they are not.

The sooner Robson is replaced, the better, then the Blades can climb the table their way.

Brenda Titterton, Greenoak Road, S17.