Jimmy adding name to list of Ohio ‘legends’

Court leader: Jimmy Langhurst in action for the Sharks
Court leader: Jimmy Langhurst in action for the Sharks
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Things have fallen nicely into place for Sheffield Sharks point-guard Jimmy Langhurst and he is determined to make the most of his opportunity with the club.

Langhurst has enjoyed a solid start to his career as the Sharks floor leader alongside backcourt partner Nate Reinking, a man Langhurst knew of as ‘a legend’ growing up in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

The pair maybe 15 years apart in terms of age - Langhurst is 23, Reinking 38 - but the older man played a significant role in Langhurst’s development as a player without even realising it.

Langhurst said: “I knew of this guy who everyone talked about back home. Our schools were real close and he is something of a legend.

“People told me that Nate had made it over here but I didn’t even know what he looked like, I just knew he was a lefty. When I played against the Sharks for the touring trial team he came and introduced himself.

“I pick his brains a lot about stuff on and off the court. He has been really helpful.”

Langhurst impressed Sharks player-coach Atiba Lyons during a pre-season match. Unattached American players tour as part of a team around Europe in the hope they’ll be picked up before the season starts.

Sharks had already signed BJ Jenkins as their point guard but he was unable to get a work visa so Langhurst was brought in on a temporary contract. Such was his form that Sharks offered him a permanent deal.

He said: “It happened very quickly. When BJ’s deal fell through I had to step up.

“Everyone has been great. The fans, the players, the organisation have all been very welcoming. I really like Sheffield and I think we’ll be a very good team this year.”

Sharks have won their last two to stop a five match losing streak, but don’t play again until next Friday against MK Lions at the EIS.

Langhurst said the break will be useful: “We’ll get time on the practice court to work on our offence and defence. It would have been good to get straight back on court but this will be good too.”