Courtside with the Sheffield Sharks: BJ injury sums up life at the Sharks... but he’ll be back

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This is one of those seasons where I feel like life is imitating art, as each week the very concerns we have for the season and put into the media is played out on the court.

The cup semi-final in Newcastle was in our hands; the Sharks had momentum and were up by six points when the event that is atypical of the Shark’s current season took place.

BJ Holmes, bringing the ball up, is fouled in what seemed to be an innocuous clash but resulted in the most critical injury of the season so far.

Subject to a visit to the team’s OneHealth hand specialist, Joe Garcia, the inexhaustible general of the team walked off the court with a suspected broken hand. Despite their best efforts, the blow took a psychological toll on the remaining players and in the last minute of the game there wasn’t quite the control so often brought to a victorious end by Holmes, but instead a result which took the Eagles through to a final spot.

The injury is another in a long line of setbacks that have seen the Sharks with a below average start to the season. But optimism remains high that this injury will be a short term issue.

“First of all it is my left hand that got caught and it feels like a previous break has come undone from my college days,” said Texas A & M starter Holmes.

“I’m going to Mr Garcia this week and we will see what he says, but if it was up to me I would be playing.”

Even though Holmes sat out of the Durham fixture, the Sharks were able to win... but down by 16 in the opening quarter, his absence was immediately felt.

“I think it was more to do with an adjustment quarter and coming back off a very big game on Friday, going into Sunday would have been hard with or without me,” said Holmes.

The result sees the Sharks resume some balance in the league table and a win tomorrow [Friday] will see them jump up the leaderboard significantly - having played less games than most other teams in the running.

The last fixture before the Christmas break will be against the Cup finalists Scottish Rocks, who have enjoyed a successful start compared with Sheffield.

Even so, the Sharks remain a threat to any opponent and have a habit of pulling sensational seasons out of a hat...

So who knows!