Basketball: Lyons blast for ‘soft’ Sharks after defeat

Sharks coach Atiba Lyons has called his players "soft". Pic: Dean Woolley.
Sharks coach Atiba Lyons has called his players "soft". Pic: Dean Woolley.
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Sharks coach Atiba Lyons has described his players as “soft” after last Friday’s defeat against Glasgow Rocks.

Sheffield were knocked off top spot in the BBL Championship with the loss by Worcester Wolves.

Glasgow were full value for their victory at the EIS as Sharks failed to match the visitors intensity.

Lyons said his team needs to toughen up: “I think that we’re a bit soft as a team - mentally and physically we just don’t get it done all the time. We try to cut corners.

“Early in the season teams are trying to get a footing so you get away with it. But now teams are getting better you have to figure it out.

“Taking short cuts are just a lack of effort and lack of mental toughness.”

It’s a stark admission by the coach and one that he understands must be resolved by the time London Lions arrive in Sheffield on Friday.

He said: “You can’t teach toughness. Hopefully you can fake it.

“Or it’s my job to find a line up that can play tough. Collectively we’re weak so I have to find a group of guys who can do it.

“Not everyone on this team is soft or mentally weak.

“Collectively we all have our moments so I need to find a group of guys who are going to play hard for me and do the things I want.

“Right now we have a deep rotation it’s about cutting minutes and finding the best rotations.”

Sharks also suffered against Glasgow from three point range. They made just one of 18 attempts, which disappointed Lyons.

He said: “It cleans everything up if you make your threes. Make three or four of those and it’s a different game.

“To hit one really hurt us because they were in a bit of a zone (defence) and we didn’t take advantage of it.”