Anderson blasts ‘lacklustre’ team

Flu victim: Justin Dobbins
Flu victim: Justin Dobbins
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SHEFFIELD Sharks need to break their bad habits if they’re to challenge for silverware this season.

Captain Adrian Anderson admitted that the loss at Glasgow Rocks last week was as a result of a poor display from his team: “It was quite disappointing as we put together a lacklustre performance.

“It wasn’t the way we’d played in the previous two games, and I’m always a bit concerned when we put together a run like that just before Christmas because it upsets the momentum.

“It wasn’t a lack of effort, but bad habits crept in. There’s no point making the effort if you’re not playing smart, and 18 turnovers - many of which they scored off - is simply too many.

“Justin [Dobbins] had only just got out of bed after being unwell, and we missed Jimmy Langhurst, but they were depleted without Sterling [Davis] and EJ Harrison, and if we’d played to out potential we would have won.”

Sharks are back in action tomorrow against Cheshire Jets at the EIS and Anderson, who is still recovering from surgery to a broken hand, expects a better performance: “I keep saying that if we train hard, learn from our mistakes and play one and done defence, we’ll be alright.

“If we’re still without Jimmy it will hurt us, he’s been putting up good numbers and sometimes when you take out just one player it can upset the balance. But I’m optimistic if we can get our heads right and play smart we’ll get the win.”