Silver medal may pave the way for gold glory

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THEY say people don’t remember who came second.

Well, I’m afraid to say they’ll remember a certain second place from this week alright.

Of course, no one would have wished for anything less than a gold medal for Jess Ennis at the World Athletic Championships on Tuesday but it might not be overly harmful when we look at the bigger picture for the London Olympics next year.

A gold this week would only have cranked up the expectations for next year even higher. There would have been a danger for many to reckon gold in London would be a foregone conclusion.

What a burden that would have been for the next 12 months. We’d have got to next Summer with Jess - the poster girl as well for the Games remember - under unbearable pressure.

You’d think she couldn’t possibly want any extra motivation for next year but this week’s ‘defeat’ - if that’s what you can call being the second-best athlete in the world - has provided it.

What’s more, all us lay folk now know there is someone who can beat her.

There were a couple of interesting stats. In five of the heptathlon disciplines, she performed better than the gold medallist, and now her biggest rival (and bigger than her by TEN inches), Tatyana Chernova.

The other? Even Jess’s personal best overall points total still wouldn’t have been enough for gold the other day.

That dodgy javelin had a lot to answer for. But it might not have been the worst thing to happen!

We’ll know early next August.

IN one of the most popular football leagues in this region, they have introduced what you may term a rather appropriate new ruling.

It’s in the booming league for ‘veterans’, Sheffield’s Wragg Over 35s League. Yes, when you reach 35 you are officially, in football terms, a veteran.

For years it has been an extremely popular league and they have a full complement of 64 teams. Now they now have started a new division for over 40s which, in two years, will become an over 45s division.

It is in this new division, for Over 40s and, subsequently, the over 45s, that they have brought in a couple of additions to the rule, one involving the use of substitutes.

Teams can use Roll-on-Roll-off substitution.

Now considering that some of these what you may call older veterans could just be a touch on the portly side, roll-on, roll-off, may be an appropriate method.

No doubt there will be those who can do it literally!

ONE ‘veteran’ who has rolled on and I sincerely wish he’d roll off my radio is Robbie Savage.

What is it they say “if you don’t like it then turn it off”. Well, that’s the annoying thing.

I want to listen but have to keep turning it off because of this latest footballer-turned-pundit.

Yes, I’ll listen enough to find him embarrassing himself again. or, as he did last Sunday, snort with apparent derision when somone mentioned good manners. It’d be good manners to boot him off!