Olympic chief Coe is upbeat despite riots

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London 2012 chairman Lord Coe has expressed full confidence in the security measures planned for next year’s Olympic Games.

This week’s riots in the capital and the strain they placed on police have raised safety concerns less than 12 months before the Games begin.

Yet Coe has highlighted the UK’s strong reputation for delivering major events safely and he is convinced that will be upheld whatever challenges the Games face.

Coe, chairman of organising committee LOCOG, said: “Everything we do at an Olympic Games is underpinned by security. It has been in my lifetime of watching the Games. We do security very well and we have helped major sporting events in the past with policing, either officially or unofficially home and abroad. We have a very good record in that.

“We will go into next year with very tight contingency plans which will cover all eventualities.”

Coe does not deny that the riots and looting of recent days has been highly damaging to the image of London internationally.

Yet with a series of test events passing by largely unaffected this week - even though England’s football international against Holland was cancelled - Coe does not feel the city’s ability to host the Olympics has been compromised.

Coe added: “The images we witnessed a few days ago were disfiguring.

“Nobody would remotely want to downplay that but the 205 Olympic committees that are with us in London at the moment, and the political leadership of the IOC that is with us as well, saw a city that had to cope with some severe challenges, but a city that also delivered a number of test events and world championships at the same time.

“The sporting community is a grown-up community and the world of sport understands that from time to time that cities confront all challenges.

“There is no serious doubt anywhere in the world of sport that London is able to deliver a great games.

“We will and we will do it an a secure and timely fashion.”