Lizzie storms to victory after an uphill battle

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Hallamshire Harrier Lizzie Adams gave a superb performance to win the Northern Cross Country title at Pontefract.

Adams missed the Yorkshire Championships but has been running well and it was no surprise to see her among the early leaders. She faced the formidable Susan Partridge (Leeds City), a World Championship marathon runner who was defending her title. Adams bided her time until the long finishing uphill pull which, as a mountain running international, she relished. At the end she had a margin of almost 100 metres on Partridge.

Hallamshire, too, excelled in the team race. W ithout Hatti Dean, training in Kenya, they took the bronze due to fine running from Nicola Squires, Claire Robson and Chaanah Patton. The Hallam men’s team finished sixth. They were led by Rob Little, with Joe Gratton, and Andy Thake,, finishing in the top 50.

Hallam’s U13 girls team, led by Imana Wilson, 5th and Mary McCarthy, 7th, won their team race. Maddy Pearce was 22nd and the importance of the fourth counter was demonstrated by the persistence of Caitlin Tevendale whose 49th place gave Hallam victory over Manchester by one point.

In the U17 women’s race Fiona Bell overtook her team mate Natalia Hackett to give the Hallam duo silver and bronze. With Hannah Fletcher and Hannah Yarrow in support, Hallamshire finished third. Hallam’s Tom Bains, in the lead for much of the race in the U17 men’s race, was denied the gold medal but his second place was a top class run. A good run by Josh Naisbitt (Sheffield) saw him finish sixth in the U15 boys event leading the Sheffield team to bronze medals Jonathon Shields, Evan Webb and Joseph Hibbert were the other Sheffield counters. Another Sheffield runner Alfie Manthorpe was seventh, at U13 level.

Results included:

Men: 1 S Vernon (Stockport) 39:52; 2 J Wilkinson (Leeds) 39:57; 3 P Martin (Stockport) 39:59; 29 R Little (Hallam) 42:02; 31 P Hoole (Rotherham) 42:10; 34 J Gatton (Hallam) 42:22; 40 A Thake (Hallam) 42:52: 56 R Baker (Hallam); 57 D Archer (Hallam); 69 A Challenger (Hallam). Teams: 1 Altrincham 149; 2 Leeds City 170; 3 Salford 181; 6 Hallam 285.

Junior Men: 1 M Shaw (New Marske) 27:31; 2 T Loveridge (Liverpool PS) 27:40; 3 C Kays (East Cheshire) 27:48; 13 A Newton (Sheffield) 29:01.

U17 Men: 1 R Moore (Sale) 19:48; 2 T Bains (Hallamshire) 19:53; 3 F Roberts (Richmond and Zetland) 19:57; 25 L Cotter (Rotherham) 20:57. Teams: 1 Liverpool 111; 8 Rotherham 238.

U15 Boys: 1 P Dever (Preston) 14:47; 2 E Bowker (Vale Royal) 14:58; 3 D Evans (Warrington) 15:12; 6 J Naisbitt (Sheffield) 15:32; 14 J Shields (Sheffield) 15:53; 59 Webb (Sheffield); 67 J Hibbert (Sheffield). Teams: 1 Vale Royal 74; 3 Sheffield 146.

Un13 Boys: 1 H Milner (Derby) 10:59; 2 M Lonsdale (Gateshead) 11:19; 3 J Lonsdale (Trafford) 11:22; 7 A Manthorpe (Sheffield) 11:33.

Women - 1 L Adams (Hallam) 30:40; 2 S Partridge (Leeds) 30:50; 3 J Coulson (Stockport) 31:00; 6 J Allen (Rotherham) 32:22; 13 N Squires (Hallam) 33:00; 21 S Johnson (Rotherham) 33:41; 36 C Robson (Hallams) 34:41; 40 C Patton (Hallam) 35:01.