Jess: Toni is tough but we’re a great team

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jessica Ennis says she has complete trust in long-time coach Toni Minichiello as her World Championship defence edges closer.

Millhouses-based Ennis, aged 25, has been entered in five events for next weekend’s United Kingdom team trials at Birmingham.

And while she automatically qualifies for the championships in Daegu, South Korea, which begin on August 27, as reigning champion she will be hoping to continue her excellent early season form.

Ennis has been blessed with a terrific work ethic and she praises Minichiello for continuing to develop their relationship as she has changed as and athlete.

“Toni started coaching me when I was 13. I suppose I started having an input when I was probably first year senior but before that he was a teacher,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I knew nothing about any of the events. Now I do, the relationship has changed. Before it was ‘you will do this, you will do that’, now I will say ‘why’ but still do it.

“Now when we plan our training programme we do it by discussion, but I have a lot of trust in him. He has written the programmes for years and I have always achieved what he set out, so I would never question his programme.”

However, Ennis did admit that Minichiello still gets the final say: “I completely trust what he writes. I just communicate things he can’t know, like ‘my legs are sore today’, ‘can we not do this or that’.

“Although when it’s been a tough week and I say ‘can we cut a run off the end’ he’ll just say no. He won’t be that nice. There’ll be a few swear words ending with ‘get back on the track’. And I do.

“He doesn’t let me get out of anything even now I’m a world champion. Not that I want to.”