Flames see record go up in smoke!

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Sheffield Flames lost their unbeaten record in the McCain Indoor City Challenge on their home track yesterday but gave a good performance to finish second to London North out of the eight competing teams. The title is decided over two matches and Sheffield go into the second match at Cardiff with a good chance of winning.

Chris Craig, who competes for Sale, won in Sheffield colours taking the 200m in a personal best of 21.41 whilst Bernice Wilson (Birchfield), a former Sheffield Hallam student, won the 60m convincingly in 7.33.

The other Sheffield win came in the medley relay where Anthony Whiteman (800m), Sam Ellis (600), Rhys Smith (400) and Tom Mosley (200) crushed the opposition, Ellis doing the damage going from third place and handing over a commanding lead. As a result Sheffield overtook Glasgow for second overall.

*James Gray was an impressive winner of the senior race at the South Yorkshire Schools Cross Country Championships at Graves Park on Saturday, beating Sheffield teammate Chris Grayson by almost a minute. Tom Bains (Sheffield) won the intermediate race whilst Jonathan Shields, a team medallist in last week’s Northern Championships, took the junior title.

Rotherham’s Natash Hatswell broke the Sheffield stranglehold on the titles when she impressively ran away with the senior girls race. There was a ding dong battle in the intermediate race, Sheffield’s Fiona Bell having just five seconds to spare over younger rival Natalia Hackett. Both girls are members of Hallamshire Harriers and last week won individual bronze medals at the Northern Championships, Bell at U17 level and Hackett in the Under 15s.

Sheffield’s Charlotte Slack won the junior girls race winning by 10 seconds from teammate Anina Atkinson.

Results - Boys: Senior: 1 J Gray (Sheffield) 28:01; 2 C Grayson (Sheff) 29:00; 3 L Naylor (Sheff) 29:47; 4 C Harris (Sheff) 30:04; 5 T Hutton (Sheff) 30:45; 6 C Maris (Roth’m) 30:57. Team: Sheffield.

Intermediate: 1 T Bains (Sheffield) 24:16; 2 J Lancaster (Sheff) 24:38; 3 A Smith (Sheff) 24:40; 4 L Cotter (Rotherham) 24:47; 5 C Ryan (Roth’m) 25:05; 6 T Saville (Roth’m). Team: Sheffield

Junior: 1 J Shields (Sheffield) 17:49; 2 J Naisbitt (Sheff) 18:09; 3 J Walton (Sheff) 18:13; 4 R Bentham (Rotherham) 18:17; 5 J Hutchesson (Sheff) 18:38; 6 J Hibbert (Sheff) 18:41. Team: Sheffield.

Year 7: 1 J Gill (Barnsley) 9.52; 2 J Price (Sheff) 9.55; 3 L Howson (Sheff) 9:57; 4 J Steade (Sheff) 10:03; 5 D Senior (Roth’m) 10:05; 6 E Davies (Donc’r).

Girls: Senior - 1 N Hatswell (Rotherham) 17:20; 2 E Castle (Sheff) 18:20; 3 H Stubbs (Sheff) 19:52; 4 F Wilkie (Sheff) 21:43; 5 T Howe (Sheff); 6 H Drezet (Sheff). Team: Sheffield.

Intermediate: 1 F Bell (Sheffield) 16:00; 2 N Hackett (Sheff) 16:05; 3 E Pound (Sheff) 17:30; 4 J Freeman (Roth’m) 17:41; 5 C Thompson (Sheff) 17:50; 6 E Dutton (Roth’m) 17:52. Team: Sheffield.

Junior: 1 C Slack (Sheffield) 14:28; 2 A Atkinson (Sheff) 14:38; 3 E Curran (Sheff) 14.40; 4 I Grant (Sheff) 14:43; 5 C Kirk (Doncaster) 14:46; 6 H Brookes (Rotherham) 14:58. Team: Sheffield

Year 7: 1 M McCarthy (Sh) 2 I Wilson (Sh) 3 M Pearce (Sh) 4 C Tevendale (Sh) 5 N Pearson (Donc) 6 L Fletcher (Sh).