Dad and daughter v cancer

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A FORTNIGHT ago the Dronfield 10k race jogged past my house, writes Bob Westerdale, Assistant Editor of The Star.

In eleven and a half months time, the Dronfield 10k race will jog past my house again.

But the difference is, next time, I will be in it.

And at the grand old age of 56, too.

And so will one of my daughters. And she is 30. (Sorry for that indiscretion, Emma)

It is fair to say neither of us could be mistaken for Ethopian distance runner Haile GebreSelassie.

But we have almost year to get in (less-than-pear) shape for the event.

We are doing it to raise funds for cancer research.

And on a more personal level for my mum Doreen, my dad Bernard, my sister Gillian and my wife’s mum Ruby.

But we are also doing it for anyone touched by cancer.

Later, we will be sorting out how people, if they feel pity for us or empathy for the charity, can sponsor us.

Over the next year we will keep you in touch with our preparation for an event which will clearly overshadow the London Olympics...and my attempts to persuade my other two daughters Katy and Becky to run with us!