County sends strong team to north east

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SOUTH Yorkshire have selected a strong team of 35 athletes to compete in the English Schools Championships at Gateshead this weekend and they have every chance of beating last year’s medal total of five.

Unusually, Adam Hague (Rotherham) won the pole vault last year, in his first year as a junior, and defends his title this time.

His winning height last year was 3.45 and Hague has cleared 4.10 (indoors) this year, heading the UK rankings in his age group by a considerable margin, and so another win would be no surprise. Nicholas Cole (Barnsley) is also a medal contender in the intermediate pole vault.

Adam Khan (Sheffield) was third in the intermediate triple jump last year and he is in the same age group, going into the competition with a personal best of 14.05 set in the South Yorkshire Schools Championship. Joe Lancaster (Sheffield), runner up in the junior 800 metres last year, moves to the intermediate group.

A recent personal best of 1:56.41 will give him confidence but his event is likely to be one of the most competitive in the two day programme.

Sophie Brown (Doncaster), third in the senior girls triple jump last time, competes in the same event this time.

Last year’s South Yorkshire star performer Alex Kiwomya, junior 200 metres champion, moves to the intermediate group but will not be in South Yorkshire’s colours. Presently at school in Surrey, he is named in their squad for the 200 metres. When the championships were held at Don Valley two years ago, Luke South (Sheffield) won the intermediate 400 metres. He lines up in the same event at senior level this time.

South Yorkshire Team

Senior Boys - 100: Ben Shields (Rotherham), Ransford Anthony (Doncaster); 400: Luke South (Sheffield); Pole Vault: Lewis Billam (Roth); Long Jump: Liam Ramsay (Donc); Javelin: Jordan Carter (Barnsley)

Intermediate Boys - 200: Ashley Langton (Donc); 800: Joe Lancaster (Sheff); 1500: Tom Baines (Sheff); 400 Hurdles: Aiden Davies (Donc); Pole Vault: Nicholas Cole (Barns); Triple Jump: Adam Khan (Sheff); Shot: Tom Kirk (Donc); Javelin: Joe Anderson (Sheff).

Junior Boys - 100: Roger Rubamba (Sheff); High Jump: Elliot Pain (Sheff); Pole Vault: Adam Hague (Roth), Marcus Salt (Barns); Shot: Josh Rowley (Roth); Hammer: Jordan Small (Roth).

Senior Girls - 100: Carys Hall (Sheff); 100 Hurdles: Kelly Clarke (Sheff); Long Jump: Sophie Brown (Donc); Shot: Sarah Wilding (Roth); Javelin: Kelly Bramhald (Donc), Laura England (Barns).

Intermediate Girls - 100: Abigail Bishell (Roth); 200: Lauren Frid (Barns); 800: Beth Ansell (Sheff); 3000: Natalia Hackett (Sheff); 300 Hurdles: Amy Hodgson (Roth); Shot: Nicole Bewley (Donc).

Junior Girls - 100: Kristie Edwards (Roth); High Jump: Lucy Chappell (Donc); Shot: Toni Buckingham (Barns).