Are the derby girls of 1993 still best friends?

Derby image: Pals Louise Foster and Caroline Porter 18 years ago
Derby image: Pals Louise Foster and Caroline Porter 18 years ago
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SO, where are they know?

Yes, what’s happened to the two bonny girls in the picture at the top of this column (underneath that one of the not-so-bonny bloke!).

They are Louise Foster and Caroline Porter although the surnames may have changed since this photo was taken.

I came across it looking through some of our city derby match photographs of past years, research for our “Super Sunday” special derby edition which is in the shops tomorrow.

This one was from the Bramall Lane game of October 23, 1993, and the caption on it said Louise and Caroline were best friends.

So, in addition to where are they now 18 years on, I wonder if they are still best friends?

Has that friendship survived their support for club rivals? And another question: have they both still got those necklaces? Owls fan Louise (if she is indeed the one on the left) is wearing an Owl necklace while Caroline has the Blades crossed scimitars as hers.

Do they both still support their clubs? If they do, do they both still go?

Less likely is that they’ll be sitting next to each other in 2011 if they are at the Lane a week on Sunday as they did in 1993 (a 1-1 draw incidentally). So, I’m intrigued to know what happened to them and if they still go to Hillsborough and the Lane.

Assuming they are married, did they marry a Blade or an Owl. Or neither? Are there any little Blades or Owls following in their footsteps? It’s a lovely picture that rather captures the closeness that does exist within this split soccer city.

So, if anybody should know where these two girls, now young women of course, are now - perhaps either or both might get to hear of the plea - then please get in touch with me here at The Star.

Now, a confession. I’m fed up. I’m finally fed up of Brave Scotland.

I seem to have been hearing and reading about Brave Scotland all my sporting life.

They lose and it’s Brave Scotland. England win and all manner of vitriol and criticism is heaped on our guys. I’ve never seen Brave England.

They were at it again last Saturday in the Rugby World Cup.

Scotland had to beat England by eight points to knock us out. They might have done it but England scraped a win of their own. Brave Scotland.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve nothing against any Scot outside of a sporting conflict.

Could anyone be nicer than those Scottish landladies bringing a bowlful of porridge to your breakfast table of a morning - or friendlier than her husband (who certainly knows his football).

No, it’s just that when it comes to sport, the Scots hate, despise and detest anything English in front of them on a sports field.

I’ve seen Scottish rugby teams capitulate meekly - then turn up the next week against the Auld Enemy breathing the fiery-ist of fire and brimstone.

As for football, if there’s a more intimidating place to be than as an England supporter at Hampden Park in the 1970s (and I went three times) then I’ll avoid it thanks.

If England dip to the French in the quarter-finals tomorrow there will be no kind words.

In view of the indiscipline on and off the field, which smacks of arrogance, they don’t deserve any.

But you won’t have long to wait for the next Brave Scotland. Their footballers are away to Spain next Tuesday.

Get ready!