Anyone spot the farewell wave from Owls boss?

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SO, another quiet week in the world of Sheffield football. Not much to fill the pages of print or get agitated about over the airwaves or on the tweets then!

Gary Megson now follows Lee Clark as a “successful” League One manager to get the bullet. No doubt Danny Wilson and Charlton’s Cliff Powell are feeling a touch uneasy right now!

Wonder how many spotted last Sunday what we now know to be Megson’s very last act in public at Hillsborough.

At the end of the derby, he stayed out on the pitch and the ‘celebrations’ included being hugged and lifted up by Rob Jones - and there’s not many instances of managers being lifted up by 6ft 7in central defenders.

But moments later, last down the tunnel and having almost disappeared, Megson stopped and waved.

The farewell wave then? Only if you misinterpreted it.

The wave seemed to be in the direction of the Leppings Lane end where the last remnants of the Blades following were disappearing.

Come Wednesday night, Blades followers would have been able to reciprocate.

Megson was called to an 8pm meeting with Milan Mandaric and, an hour later, news of the sacking was out.

It has been badly received by Wednesdayites. Anyone found anybody who agrees with it? Certainly not the timing of it!

It had been coming. It had become one of those worst-kept secrets.

Last week’s smoke was coming from a decent-sized fire. Rumours of words and a huge row between the two main characters, filtered through football’s grapevine.

But Mandaric was never going to sack Megson last week. Do that and then lose to United ... and who would have been getting all the blame and vitriol for that one?

But think on this. If Wednesday don’t go up, will anyone blame Megson?

After his side restored their five-point lead on Wednesday night, Danny Wilson said he was “shocked”. But he might just wonder if the decision will help or hinder his rival’s chances?

n The hazards of covering football matches or simply reporting on the game, are rarely flagged up.

After all, few will be convinced there’s much danger around.

Sit in a press box, watch the game, write about it. What can be wrong with that? But some are unluckier than others. Take our man, Steve Hossack, who covers Doncaster Rovers.

Last season, reporting Rovers’ game at Elland Road, he walked off at half-time to the Press room - and knocked himself out when he headed a low beam.

On another occasion, a message came back one Saturday afternoon to Green ’Un editor Ian Vickers that Steve might struggle to dictate his match report during the second half.

He’d been stung on the tongue by a wasp and it was affecting his speech!

Steve’s latest escapade followed a visit to Rovers’ training ground where he had specific questions to ask regarding tricky winger Kyle Bennett.

That night Steve had a dream that he was playing against Bennett. When the Rovers winger suddenly stopped and wrong-footed Steve, our man ‘reacted’ and bashed his head on a bedside cabinet.

He felt something warm running down his face and found out he’d gashed his forehead.

Of course, had he gone the other way, then he’d have head-butted the wife!