Angling: Handy for Andy

Andy Hawkins
Andy Hawkins
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The resurrected UNISON squad had their first match of the year at Lodge Farm in typical windy conditions when Andy Hawkins continued a rich vein of form.

He won narrowly, catching primarily with the waggler although he did receive a few ‘verbals’ from Robin Walker fishing across from him about throwing more than the prescribed half way!

Malc Thompson fell agonisingly short fishing the only he knows, three sections of pole with meat and corn over a bed of caster and meat.

Just 4oz split the leading pair.

Craig Richardson in third just needed another carp to claim the win having started off catching up in the water before switching to the six metre line with meat.

A little bird tells me that Wayne Firth managed to fish for two whole hours before packing up and retiring to the pub, arriving there even before former match secretary Andy Furniss, who for the time being has fallen out with fishing, and didn’t even turn up for the match!

Result: 1. A Haw 9-13; 3. C Richardson 68-0; 4. L Webb 50-0; 5. R Walker 33-6; 6. R Liversidge 31-14.

Park Angling, Sheffield, Messingham Sands, Hollywood Lake: Geoff Taylor scored his first ever match win with half a dozen carp to 6lb on legered pellets but the match will probably be best remembered for the ‘mistake’ of one of the club’s more experienced anglers.

Albert Meluish is one of four octogenarians fishing with Park Angling and he’s probably seen and done it all in his time although this is probably the first time he’s got confused over the finish time.

Even though he packed up in error an hour before everyone else he still managed to knock out one of the club’s better anglers, Alf McCurdy in the individual knock-out cup, much to the wry amusement of the other members.

Result: 1. G Taylor 27-8; 2. M Cooper 22-3; 3. R Jackson 22-1; 4. R Hill 22-0; 5. A Meluish 19-6; 6. I Ackroyd 14-8.

Triple AC, Aston Park Fisheries, Split Lake. Secretary’s Venue Rating: 7/10: Having caught ide and 3 carp on worm and caster at 13 metres from Peg 37, Andy Pinder switched to pellet waggler in mid-match and never looked back as he went on to net a further half dozen carp.

His margin of victory would have been even greater had he not lost several good fish.

Result: 1. A Pinder 44-6; 2. A Thompson 24-6; 3. A Mullet 17-8; 4. J Lee 15-4; 5. P Lee 13-4.

Wharncliffe AC, Sheffield, Ecclesfield Pond: A late switch of venues produced better sport than of late although Mick Dawson did run away with things catching skimmers on red maggot over groundbait until his peg dried up in the final hour but the damage was already done.

Result: 1. M Dawson 26-0; 2. S Newsome 15-00; 3. T Newsome 10-8; 4. S Coleman 10-0; 5. S Morgan 9-8; 6. K Morgan 7-8.