Approved Food cracks down on waste

Approved Food is launching the #PerfectlyGood campaign
Approved Food is launching the #PerfectlyGood campaign
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A staggering 67.6 per cent of people in Sheffield who admit to throwing away food nearing or on its best-before-date do so for fear of getting ill, according to a survey carried out by leading online retailer Approved Food.

The report also showed that more than a fifth of the region’s population have previously confused best-before-dates with use-by-dates – with 59.4 per cent throwing away food approaching or on its best-before-date without checking the quality first.

Now, in a bid to tackle the ‘unsurprising’ lack of understanding caused by ‘confusing’ food labelling, Approved Food is spearheading awareness raising campaign #PerfectlyGood to help drive down food waste.

Dan Cluderay, founder of the company best known for selling products that are nearing or past their best-before-date, said: “There is a lot of misunderstanding around food labelling and it can be confusing. People are puzzled by what ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ mean, never mind largely obsolete labels such as ‘display-until’, ‘sell-by’ and ‘expiry- date’.

“Is it any wonder people get themselves in a pickle and throw away what is #PerfectlyGood to eat?

“It’s leading to unsustainable food waste levels.”