Sheffield man in terrifying near miss with e-scooter rider demands action over growing craze

A concerned pedestrian who says he was nearly knocked to the ground by a reckless electric scooter rider fears someone could end up seriously hurt if the latest craze on Sheffield’s streets is not better controlled.

By Jon Cooper
Thursday, 19th August 2021, 8:20 am

Martin Holland, aged 62, of Manor Top, Sheffield, had been coming out of the Vantage Pharmacy, on Ridgeway Road, at Manor Top, when he said a teenage girl ridng an e-scooter swept by him and nearly knocked him over before she sped across the road and down Prince of Wales Road.

Mr Holland, who suffered a heart attack earlier in the year, said: “I was walking towards the car and she zoomed past me and luckily I stepped backwards and I swore and she went straight across City Road through the traffic and straight down Prince of Wales Road.”

He added: "There is no way I was chasing after her. If it had not happend to me it could have been someone older or my partner who has got cancer or a kid.”

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A Sheffield pedestrian has called for more enforcement concerning the use of electric scooters after he says he was nearly knocked down at Manor Top by a reckless teenager.

Mr Holland said the e-scooter rider had been going so fast it would not take much for her to seriously hurt someone else or herself especially because she was on the pavement and not wearing a helmet.

He added: “The speed she was travelling it would have been like being hit by a car at 20mph.”

Mr Holland agreed someone could be struck and fall and hit their head on a pavement and they could be killed.

He believes such e-scooters should be banned from the pavements and those using them should wear helmets.

South Yorkshire Police issued a warning in January about the use of electric scooters in public places after they have become more popular.

The warning came following concerns about the number of youngsters using e-scooters in and around Crystal Peaks shopping centre in Sheffield.

Police stated it is against the law to ride e-scooters on roads, paths or any public land, and if they are used on private land the riders need the land owner’s permission.

Police officers have the power to seize e-scooters and can prosecute people for using them without insurance because they fall under the same laws and regulations that apply to all motor vehicles.

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