Thousands left disappointed by Doncaster Racecourse and HallamFM firework display

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Thousands of people have been left disappointed after Doncaster’s biggest fireworks display was cut short last night.

Doncaster Racecourse was all set to play host to HallamFMs fireworks extravaganza as part of the radio station’s 40 year celebration.

The fireworks display was due to take place between 8pm and 8.30pm, but it was stopped shortly after it began due to the weather.

A statement posted on the Facebook pages for both the racecourse and Hallam FM said they were “bitterly disappointed” by what happened.

“The contracted fireworks company had to stop the show due to adverse wind conditions to ensure the safety of all our spectators.

We are currently waiting a full and detailed report from the fireworks display company. As soon as we receive this we will share it with you.”

Many have already taken to social media to express their disappointment, and concerns that the display was not safe.

Jody Richardson said: “It wasn’t the wind that was the problem, the fireworks were far too close to the spectators to begin with. We were at the picnic tables by the railing and were showered in burning debris.

“All three of us were hit by burning pieces, including our five year old son. I had to lean over him to protect him from the burning pieces and was hit on the shoulder, my husband was hit in the eye.”

Robyn McCallim posted a photo of the advertisement for the event, which stated “you’re guaranteed to have a great night out - whatever the weather”, with a thumbs down emoticon.

However, a few have defended the racecourse and the radio station.

Laura Sturrock said: “It’s not Hallam FM fault the firework company should have put them further away from the crowd.”

]A HallamFM spokeperson replied to the comments, saying “We understand your disappointment about the shortened firework display. We are currently reading your comments and do appreciate your time in giving us your feedback.”

A Facebook page has also been set up calling for refunds to be issued.

The page currently has 130 “likes”, a number which continues to grow rapidly.

There has not been any confirmation from either the racecourse or HallamFM on whether or not people will be given refunds.