Sheffield superfans can't wait to see band Showaddywaddy in the city

Sheffield superfans of 1970s band Showaddy-waddy are looking forward to seeing their heroes on stage in the city again.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 4:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th June 2019, 3:49 pm

Megan Holmes, Lesley Pullen and Michelle Goldring still love the band, who shot to national fame after winning the New Faces Talent show in 1973.

Their breakthrough single was Hey, Rock and Roll but many of their other 1970s hits were covers of 1950s and early 60s songs such as Three Steps to Heaven, Heartbeat and Under the Moon of Love.

Their distinctive look is bright Teddy boy suits.

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The current line-up of Showaddywaddy

One of the trio, Lesley Pullen, aged 58, from Ecclesfield, said she loved the band from the start: “I got into them in 1973 when they first appeared on New Faces and I’ve followed them ever since. I went to my first gig in September 1974 in the City Hall.”

Michelle, aged 55, from Southey Green added: “We were all big fans back in the day.

“I used to go to see them at Hillsborough Park when they played at Sheffield Show in around 1977. They were on Pebble Mill and Top of the Pops, more times than any other band.”

Megan, aged 63, from Manor Top, is a relative latecomer, seeing them live for the first time in the early 1990s.

Showaddywaddy in their heyday

The trio became friends after joining the Showaddywaddy Past, Present and Future fans’ Facebook page. They went to a concert at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield together in 2015 and have been pals ever since.

Michelle said: “We didn’t know each other before. We used to get up on stage and I was stood next to Lesley in line and I didn’t even know!”

Lesley remembered another early appearance by the band in the city: “When I was 15 my sister wrote to the manager at the Fiesta club as they were appearing there. She was 17 and she was the oldest in the group of us. He got back in touch with us.

“It was one of the band members’ Buddy Gask’s birthday on December 18 and the manager let us go down to the dressing rooms to meet them and give Buddy his birthday cake.

The band touring in style in 1975 with a bus and motorbikes

“The band came in and said to us do we want to watch the show? They let us sit in the lighting box as we weren’t old enough to go in the club.”

The trio agree that is typical of the band, who’ve always had time for fans.

Vocalist Buddy sadly died in 2011.

The line-up has changed many times and now the only original member is drummer Romeo Challenger.

Showaddywaddy superfans Lesley Pullen, Michelle Goldring and Megan Holmes. Picture: Scott Merrylees

Unlike many bands of the time, Showaddywaddy have kept going, and continued to release new music.

Megan said: “Other bands have been doing comebacks. They’ve never stopped.”

The trio love going to see Showaddywaddy as many times a year as they can, travelling all over the country.

They are well known to their heroes, usually sitting in the front row and wearing T-shirts they have designed.

Michelle said: “Our Waddetts on Tour T-shirts have our favourite band members on the back. When they were singing You’ve Got What It Takes, we were dancing with our backs to them so they could see the names on the back of the T-shirts.”

So what’s special about Showaddywaddy’s music? Megan said: “It’s uplifting. The first concert in Chesterfield I went to, I thought am I going to enjoy it because (singer) Dave Bartram isn’t still there? But it was great.”

Showaddywaddy drummer Romeo Challenger, last of the original line-up

She has a special rapport with Romeo, who calls her grandma and always asks after her grandchildren.

The three are very excited because Showaddywaddy are appearing at the City Hall ballroom on June 29, their first city appearance in five years.

The Waddetts will be front and centre!


Showaddywaddy frontmen present and past: Andy Pelos, left, and Dave Bartram