Sheffield ex-pupil of Jordanthorpe School shares happy classroom memories

More happy memories of Jordanthorpe School from one drama-loving ex-pupil.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 1:22 am
Updated Thursday, 27th June 2019, 5:26 pm
Jordanthorpe School play She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith. Submitted by Julia Taylor (nee Barrett) who is seated far right on the knee of a 'fellow in the inn'
Jordanthorpe School play She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith. Submitted by Julia Taylor (nee Barrett) who is seated far right on the knee of a 'fellow in the inn'

Julia Taylor (nee Barrett) wrote in to say: “I recently read in Retro (June 15) the article Jean Hibbert (nee Unwin) had provided on Jordanthorpe School.

“ I remember Jean from my schooldays, she was in the year above me.

“I too have happy memories of the girls' school. I started there in September 1959 when it opened, a brand new school.

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Jean Hibbert's class at Jordanthorpe School, probably taken in 1961. She is third from the left, back row

“I began there in the second year after attending the old Greenhill village school in my first year.

“This village school was used for many years due to overcrowding in the main buildings and in the main was used for the first-year intake.

“ In fact, my brother, who is four years younger than me, attended there before going to the main Jordanthorpe Boys’ building.

“I also have many class photographs of my time at the school and also have a copy of the opening ceremony booklet which a lady called Susan Michie (nee Church) passed on to me when I was doing research for the Greenhill Village History Society.

An exterior view of Jordanthorpe School (South Building), Sheffield, July 8, 1972

“ I left the school in July 1962 to go to Granville College on a full-time secretarial course after passing the entrance exam in maths and English.

“ I will always be indebted to Mrs Tomlinson who was an incredible maths teacher.

“In 1961 the school put on a play, She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith, and I enclose a photograph.

“ I am far right, seated on the knee of a 'fellow in the inn'. I also enclose a list of the cast; perhaps Jean might remember some of the names. I know she will remember the Charlesworth twins, Elaine and Sandra, as they are on her school photo.

Teachers at Jordanthorpe Secondary Modern Girls School, Dyche Lane, Norton, around the time it opened in 1959/1960 Submitted by Julia Taylor, 173 Derby Street, Sheffield, S2 3NQ - pupil at Jordanthorpe from 1959 to 1962 - then Julia Barrett

“Cast: Mr Hardcastle - Pamela Bruce, Mrs Hardcastle - Elaine Charlesworth, Tony Lumpkin - Joan Murray, Kate Hardcastle - Sandra Charlesworth, Constance Neville - Kathryn Wright, Marlow - Pauline Whittock, Hastings - Susan Gibbs, Sir Charles Marlow - Jennifer Green, Innkeeper - Elaine Jessop, Peniple - Pamela Jackson, Diggory - Cynthia Kay, Roger - Maxine Pass, Jeremy - Lynda Ellis, A Maid - Gwen Marsh, Fellows in the Inn - C Brown, J Brown, A Parkin, K McLaren, F Johnson, A Rogers, J Wikeley, and Maidservants - J Barrett, H South, A Copley and J Pattinson.

“ My last form teacher was Miss Jarvis and the deputy head was Mrs Sefton.

“Miss Prebble was an incredible headmistress. Each completed exercise book was placed on a chair outside her office and she would look at each book and provide a comment on the back page before a new book could be issued.

“ I remember my schooldays with fondness and although the teachers were strict they were fair and they taught us to respect one another and gave us a good grounding for our future lives.”