Sharing stories among old friends at Firth Park Retro Day

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There was sun, music, history and friendship at our Retro Day in Firth Park last weekend.

It was great to see so many of our readers taking a trip down memory land and sharing tales of growing up in the area.

Lots of people had memories of the same events, well known characters and schools.

There were even some reunions for friends who hadn’t seen each other in many a long year.

The Friends of Firth Park put on a display of photos and information including an old census to help those tracing their family tree.

Retro columnist Monica Dyson, who grew up in the area and used to work at Firth Park Library, said she had really enjoyed meeting so many readers.

“The Retro Day was absolutely brilliant. It’s so important that there are events like this to keep history alive in the minds of Sheffield people.

“It was a busy day; there were people who used to live in Firth Park, people who had come back to Firth Park for the day and seen old friends, people who’ve seen archive material they never knew existed.

“And we’ve even seen the deeds to the original Firth Park library where I used to work, so it has been an absolutely brilliant day.”

Lots of visitors brought old photos with them including Anne Godley who shared the images opposite. Anne left Firth Park at the age of 22 but returned 34 years later. Her grandmother Harriet, known in the area as Old Ma Revill, sold copies of The Star during the war.

Her father also started off with a paper round before taking over the business from Harriet.

“I remember playing in Firth Park as a child,” Anne said. “We used to climb over the railings so we didn’t have to run all the way round to the gate.

“The park keeper would shout at us because we were on the grass. We would also paddle in the brook although it was filthy back then - I think it was a sewer.

“I feel like I had a happy, innocent childhood - although my mother used to warn us not to go into Woolley Woods.”