RETRO: The Cocked Hat, The Plumpers - Five more lost Sheffield pubs

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There can be no doubt Sheffield today boasts some of the finest pubs around.But for every pub still packed with punters supping pints, there’s another lost to the march of time, no more than nostalgic memories for its former regulars.

Here, we’ve pluc ked out another five pubs from Sheffield’s rich heritage.

The Plumpers in Bawtry Road had stood for over a century, from 1825 until 1965, but in April 1965 its owners announced plans to demolish the pub and rebuild it 20 yards away, because it was in the way of the new M1 flyover.

But after 35 years, the relocated pub was shut down in 2000 and converted into an American golf outlet.

The Royal Lancers on Penistone Road became a set of offices for a double glazing company.

Byards Leap had a slightly more colourful time.

The Arbourthorne pub on Daresbury Drive had ‘one of the best views in Sheffield’ or so said its regulars, but according to a photo in The Star archives, a murder is said to have taken place in the pub in June 1990.

The Cocked Hat in Attercliffe was run by one family for 25 years, The Robshaws.

But the family relinquished control of the pub in 2008.

The brilliantly named Excelsior, also in Attercliffe, closed in 1993, possibly after much of the industry in the area fell away...