RETRO: The changing times of Sheffield’s The Moor district

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It’s one of Sheffield’s most iconic areas, and as you read this, the shopping district is once again undergoing a dramatic transformation.

It’s a part of the city which has doubtless become used to upheaval.

Today, The Star takes a look at The Moor through the ages, as it underwent several changes on its way to the city centre shopping destination it is rapidly heading towards being today.

The Moor has historically been home to some of the biggest names in Sheffield shopping – namely Atkinsons as well as Debenhams, and is soon to be boosted further with a new cinema and cut-price clothes giant Primark.

But The Moor was only pedestrianised in 1979, firstly in an experiment to close traffic off, before being formally redeveloped.

Pictured here is The Moor in various stages.

First is a photo taken in October 1992, showing off the very 1990s-looking bright red signage which was erected across the area.

Also visible is a McDonald’s restaurant – a unit which remains empty to this day since the food chain shut up shop.

Also pictured here is The Moor’s Woolworths store; once a stalwart of every High Street.

The Moor was also central to Sheffield’s now mostly defunct system of underpasses.

Shown here in September 1966, not long after the subterranean system was built, the photo looks out onto Furnival Gate, but the underpass entrance has long since been demolished.

That very same spot – shown from the other side of the road, looked quite different just 12 years later, just before the ban on cars.

Looking to the future, The Moor is set to undergo another transformation, with retail units joining the Moor Market in an ongoing £100 million regeneration scheme.