RETRO: Hillsborough, the ‘capital of north Sheffield’

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Google ‘Hillsborough’ and the top page of results is all about that fateful day, the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 in which 96 football fans died.

But there is much more to the history of Hillsborough than one shocking day.

The area has always been important to Sheffield and could rightly lay claim to being the ‘capital of north Sheffield’, if such a title were a thing.

The area, named after the Earl of Hillsborough in 1779, came to the fore at the turn of the 20th century as Sheffield industry boomed, and was one of the first parts of Sheffield to get electric trams in 1903.

The area is also home to several notable landmarks including Hillsborough Barracks, which were used as an army base from the mid-1800s right up until 1930.

It was then sold to a gravy company, before eventually becoming home to a shopping complex in the early 1990s when Morrisons moved in.

Hillsborough has always had a strong retail presence, with names such as Sugg Sport, Burtons and Woolworths taking units through the years.

The building of the trams caused traffic chaos, while one high-profile news event was a bomb scare which involved army machines being sent to test a package in the old Co-op store on Middlewood Road.