Retro: From pubs to protesters.....

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It’s one of Sheffield’s oldest and most important areas.

Long home to much of the city’s industrial heritage, Attercliffe has had a long and rich history at the heart of Sheffield.

These archive photos show just a snapshot of the area through the ages: pictured here is the city’s last remaining ‘back-to-back’ housing.

Back-to-back houses lacked what we’d now consider basic commodities like an inside toilet and many had just one room downstairs.

Many were cleared in the 1920s and again in the 1950s and 1960s and residents moved to new estates like Manor and Gleadless Valley, but the last remaining back-to-backs in Attercliffe were demolished as late as 1993, according to Star archives.

Also pictured here is the former Salutation Inn in Coleridge Road.

From 1976, the pub had a poster reflecting the days when the National Front was on the rise. It said ‘Demonstrate! Stop the Nazi Front! Assemble 2pm Station Field Saturday 19th’.

Another photo, showing a caravan and dilapidated building, dates from 1981.

Attercliffe dates back to the Domesday Book, and was named Ateclive, meaning at the cliff – which is visible in 19th century photos but seems to have been lost since.

But looking to the future, Attercliffe looks to remain home of key city entertainment and sport venues for years to come...