Milk leaves a sour taste

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Office of the Evening Post and Chronicle, September 1951.

DAIRYMEN have been told their milk supplies could be cut by 25 per cent and housewives must expect milk to be rationed.

It hasn’t happened yet though people expect it will now that the school holidays are over.

Some people rely on milk more than others. Grandad Berry in Hyde Park, for example, has only one tooth and has a bowl of bread and milk every day. Calls it “pobs” – and it’s revolting.

n Sportsmen continue to tell us Doncaster Rugby League club has had a great start and will have a profitable future. But when it comes to shouting their support they don’t know what words to use. Should we yell Up the Greyhounds, heard recently – or Up the Whippets (both references to the nearby dog track) It is suggested the supporters get together and come to a unanimous decision. Greyhounds, Whippets or… Donny?

n Rovers report the club was in profit to the tune of £1,550 this last year year, and the debt balance is therefore reduced to £13,000. This is partly due to an increase in gate receipts and less spent on player transfers. Gate receipts for first team matches reached £37,000 and cup ties and friendly games brought in £8,000.

n Railway workers and farm employees rushed to the aid of a Spitfire pilot who crash-landed in a potato field near Balne, north of Askern. They found him unhurt but shaken in a partly-wrecked plane. It was one of three that were flying over the area at the time, Initially he had trouble with his engine, and then struck a tree top, landing 200 yards from the railway line. The Fire Brigade, police, ambulance, motorcycle police and the Red Cross also came to his aid!

n Doncaster health committee have inquired into the working of the ambulance service, after suggestions that it has been abused. It seems that Doncaster, being in the centre of a coalfield, requires ambulances more often than other areas with similar populations. Dr Ashforth said the number of fracture cases was high because miners suffer more bone fractures and consequencly require more ambulances.

n Our farming correspondent says during the last few weeks he has only been able to nibble at the fields waiting for the harvesters. “I am heartily sick of cutting a bit and leaving a bit, sometimes because the corn was not ready but mostly because rain interrupted the work. There was a time when I had eight fields of corn and not one was finished.”

n Peter Beardsley, one of our reporters, writes that when in the Vale of Evesham he saw plums were selling at tuppence a pound and nobody wanted them. The market was saturated. But within a couple of hours of seeing this he could buy a pound of plums in Doncaster costing sevenpence. “Do you not find it hard to believe this fantastic state of affairs; that within a matter of a hundred miles or so it makes a difference of fivepence in the price of the simple pleasure of a pound of plums?” Yeah, Peter. Fantastic.

n The Education Committee’s new training college for teachers at High Melton is making good progress. A residential block of 74 single rooms will cost £78,000. Mr Barber, our prospective Conservative candidate says roughly £1,000 for each student is ‘riotously extravagant’.

n Doncaster council house tenants are to get a 2s rent rise to pay for house repairs.

n Graham, a six-year-old from Bentley came back from his holidays in Peterborough desperate to show his brother and sister how good he had become at diving into the river. On reaching home he went upstairs and dived from the bedroom window, somehow unaware there was no water to break his fall, just the usual garden and garden path. When examined at Doncaster Infirmary there was hardly anything to show for it – just a sprained ankle.

n A pipeline is to be laid from Doncaster to Leicester via Sheffield and Chesterfield to carry surplus coke oven gas to steelworks and other industries. It will be over a hundred miles long, will take six years to lay and cost £295,000. At the moment most of this gas is wasted.

n Many people are watching with interest the demonstrations of the Westland Helicopter which flies between Sheffield and Manchester. Is Doncaster interested? What does our airport committee say?